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The Outcomes Committee develops campus policy related to outcomes; provides guidance and support in the creation of outcomes; aids in the review of outcomes; and evaluates the College's outcomes policies regularly. For Outcomes Committee meeting agendas and minutes, click or tap here. For further information about the committee, including current members, click or tap here.


The Outcomes Committee is a subommittee of the Rio Hondo College Academic Senate. The committee is charged with several responsibilities, including developing campus policy related to course-level outcomes (CLOs, sometimes called student learning outcomes (SLOs)), program-level outcomes (PLOs), and institutional-level outcomes (ILOs); providing guidance and support to faculty and other members of the community in developing outcomes for courses, programs, degrees, and the institution as a whole; reviewing outcomes to ensure a uniform, high‐level standard for assessment is practiced; and evaluating College outcomes policies regularly to ensure current practices are relevant, meaningful, and linked to program review, planning, and budget processes.

Outcomes Committee Members 2023-2024

Committee Chair

Sean Hughes (

Academic Affairs Administrator

Erika Leon

Arts Division Rep

David Dawson

BSS Division Rep 1

Kevin Barman

BSS Division Rep 2


Business Division Rep

Eric Caesar

CTE Division Rep 1

Michael Dighera

CTE Division Rep 2

Jose Millan

Communications Division Rep 1

Lisette Acevedo

Communications Division Rep 2

Daniel Osman

Counseling Rep


Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Caroline Durdella

Dean, Library

Mike Garabedian



KDA Division Rep


Library Rep

Robin Babou

MSE Division Rep 1

Jay Ribaya

MSE Division Rep 2

Ryan Bronkar

Nursing Division Rep

Kathy Lopez-Alvarado

Public Safety Rep

Richard Beckman

Student Services Administrator


VP, Academic Affairs

Don Miller

VP, Student Services Designee

Earic Dixon-Peters

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