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Instructional Outcomes


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Outcome results and reporting are a vital part of the College’s annual planning methods. This is especially true of the close-the-loop (CTL) process.

In the CTL discussions, we analyze the results of course-level outcomes assessment data from last academic year and make resource requests for the coming academic year within our program plans and program reviews. CTL reporting also reveals areas for which we need to make changes to course curriculum during the upcoming curriculum cycle.

Additionally, the CTL process provides opportunities for reflection about equity within the assessment process. This component of planning supports making changes to assessment tools, assignments, teaching methodologies, course materials, etc. to ensure teaching improvements. The action items identified and reported in CTL are then addressed in a program’s annual program planning. These items are prioritized to support the short-and long-term goals of a program.

Planning Deadlines

The planning and outcomes deadlines for AY 2020–2021 include:

Outcomes: What is due?


Outcome typeTaskKey PersonnelFrequencyDue
Course-level OutcomesAY 2020–2021 close-the-loop (CTL) report for each course taught in the last academic year.

Part-time and full-time faculty.

Two to three faculty members meet to discuss the six-question CTL form; if only one faculty member teaches a course, additional faculty from the area/division or outside the area/division should be part of the dialogue.


Start at FLEX and submit prior to Fall 2021 program plan submission reviewing data from AY 2020–2021.

Due: No later than October 15, 2021.

Course-level OutcomesCourse assessment “timeline” (COAT).

Part-time and full-time faculty.

Faculty teaching the same course.

Every six years.Next COAT documentation: AY 2024–2025.
Course-level OutcomesCollect CLO data and report for Fall 20201 and/or Spring 2022.Part-time and full-time faculty.Report data (“Measures and Findings”) in Taskstream any time within the academic year.


Fall 2021: December 16, 2021 (with submission of final grades).

Spring 2022: June 2 (with submission of final grades).

Final due date: June 30.

Course-level Outcomes

Revise Outcomes.

Input revised outcomes into Taskstream.

Curriculum originator, or a designated faculty member.Every five years, or as needed.In time to meet the Curriculum Committee’s deadline.
Program-level Outcomes

Revise PLOs, as needed, during program review.

Revise and map corresponding CLOs as part of curriculum review to align with revised PLOs.

Faculty participating in program review.Every six years.

Program review.

If PLOs were updated during program review, the revised outcomes need to be (1) updated in Taskstream; and (2) sent to Aluson Cartagena by November 19, 2021 for catalog addendum in December.

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